Sean Graham

Sean Graham

Senior Manager, Finance & Accounting | Accounting Support

Career background: After graduating from the University of Bath, England in 2016, I moved to Perth. I am experienced in recruitment across Accounting and Administrative Support. My drive is to connect Perth’s best accounting professionals with reputable and collaborative businesses in WA.

What I’m passionate about: I am passionate about travel. My goal is to see the world and complete my personal bucket list of visiting the natural wonders and get my fill of adrenaline. A couple left include swimming in Antarctica and camping in the Amazon. Hang-gliding in Brazil, skydiving in Australia and cliff jumping from waterfalls in Vietnam have been checked off!

What you can call me for:I specialise in introducing Accounting Support professionals to businesses of all sizes, across all industries. Roles include Accounts Officers to Assistant Accountants and Payrollers, from Officer to Management level. Whether you are looking for assistance in growing or covering your finance team, or seeking a change of employment yourself, I am available to have a chat.

Two fun facts about me:
1. I completed a solo motorbike ride from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi
2. I am a black belt in kickboxing and competed in many national and European tournaments

Tel: 08 9254 7002