Edward Cross

Edward Cross

Co-founder | Managing Director

Career background: I have over 17 years’ experience leading and building recruitment businesses in both the UK and Perth. I am accountable for the company’s vision and growing a recruitment business that is an industry market leader. We offer a professional service and provide customer satisfaction through an ethical, trustworthy and honest approach.

What I’m passionate about: I am a born and bred Englishman, and a proud Australian citizen. I am married with 3 children, and I love my sport. I am an avid golfer, horse racing enthusiast and still attempting to pull on the soccer boots! I am also partial to sipping on a good single malt whiskey…

What you can call me for: I am an experienced finance and accounting recruiter and I continually look to build mutually beneficial relationships within this space. I have a large network, supporting many clients by introducing them to a network of individuals to support their own recruitment needs and business growth.

Two fun facts about me:
1. Applied to appear on the reality tv show Big Brother back in 2002.
2. Used to be cool - now I’m a happily married, boring dad of 3.

Tel: +61 8 9254 7001